Mouseé de la Poupée

Hello, It's me again. After a year of absence I think I'm ready to come back, so I'm starting with this post with some pictures of my own. I went to Paris for the last month, and while walking around Le Marais, I came across Le Museé de la Pupée, which basically means The Doll Museum, and I have to say it's one of the creepiest but coolest museums I've ever been to. From the moment you step inside you get this mysterious even a bit scary vibe, every detail from the smell of antique to the decor around you, surrounded with the most detailed doll houses and some really old teddy bears makes you feel like you're breaking into someone else's home, almost as if you're doing something prohibited. Specially since you're looking at the most intimate object a young girl can have: her doll. The collection is huge, placed in chronological order starting 
from 1800 up to 1970's.